DIAMA Made with SWAROVSKI Created Diamonds
Made with Swarovski Created Diamonds


DIAMA is a European fine jewelry collection crafted in 18k gold, a fusion of sheer natural beauty and scientific expertise. DIAMA, which means diamonds and love, is designed for everyday use.

6 collections in white, yellow and rose gold are designed around the concept of “The Power of Two”: a man and a woman, man and nature, a couple in love, a woman and her diamonds.

One shining stone is taking center stage, surrounded by other lab created diamonds. The “knife-edge” 18k gold setting underlines the elegance and fine craftsmanship.



DIAMA is the first collection featuring exclusively Swarovski Created Diamonds. All diamonds are lab-crated, but identical to mined diamonds in terms of chemical composition and physical properties.

The only thing that changes is origin. Swarovski Created Diamonds are of fine quality, ecologically sound and sustainable. With DIAMA, ideas become technology, science becomes art.


DIAMA is available 'Exclusively in the Midwest' at Lyle Husar Designs | Learn more at www.diamajewelry.com

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