Fana New York
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Fana.  A name both feminine and luxurious – yet blissful. The designers at Fana strive to capture an elegance and style in their jewelry that inspires a radiant happiness in the wearer.  Each Fana jewel is designed and crafted with the belief that when jewelry touches a woman’s skin, it also touches the soul.  To celebrate this idea, the craftsmen at Fana use only the finest diamonds and precious stones, and carefully design pieces that evoke delight and confidence when worn.  From the simplest creations to grand ensembles, Fana creates jewels that make her happy.

Fana Twist Diamond Engagement Ring S2479
1,699.00 2,099.00
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Fana Split Shank Engagement Ring S2593
1,499.00 1,799.00
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Fana Split Shank Engagement Ring S2593RG
1,699.00 2,049.00
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What you see online is just a small selection of all the jewelry Lyle Husar Designs carries in our Brookfield Jewelry Store.