JJNumber8 jewelry at Lyle Husar Designs

What you see online is just a small selection of all the jewelry Lyle Husar Designs carries in our Brookfield Jewelry Store.

Wisconsin native and designer JJ, has lived in various cities throughout the world and now calls Southern California her home. With a dream, leap of faith, humble beginnings and very hard work, JJ attended GIA and started JJ Number 8 jewelry.

Marquise-shaped gemstones are signature to the JJ Number 8 collection and a key design inspiration. The marquise shape has a flow and kinetic energy that moves me as an artist. Her passion is creating unique color combinations with beautiful gemstones. JJ's designs are inspired by the different feelings and moods that are created when colors collide.  Color in isolation is beautiful, but that color combinations create a symphony of beauty.

JJ NUMBER 8 is based in Laguna Beach, California | www.jjnumber8.com | MADE IN AMERICA