The Anniversary Gift Guide

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Our anniversary gift guide will show that you did your homework. It explains which gifts are traditional, which are modern, and what each one symbolizes. Of course she’s picky — that’s why she only married you. Nothing says I still love you like a man who does his research and puts forth effort. Little does she know, you didn’t break a sweat – we did it for you by listing the best anniversary jewelry by year.
— Craig Husar, President & Chief Romance Officer, Lyle Husar Designs, Brookfield, WI

How to Pick the Perfect Gift for Each Anniversary Milestone

We tell our significant others we love them, and stores tell us to buy them gifts. But it’s your anniversary – you want to show you love her in the best way possible, but need guidance on what to give. 

The First Gift of Many: The 1st Year

Paper is what’s traditionally given for the first anniversary because it’s strong and made up of tiny, interwoven threads, forming sturdy and weightless sheets. Take a moment to write her a letter. Inscribe a new set of vows, affirmations, or genuine feelings you wish to express to your better half.

Paper is also used to wrap gifts of fine jewelry. 

The first year of marriage is about compromise and adjustment. You and your partner learn to function as a unit. You link together pasts, presents, and one shared future to form an eternal connection. So why not convey the message that you're listening with a pair of diamond earrings?

For the woman who likes the finer things in life, consider a pair of exceptional diamond earrings by Hearts On Fire "The World's Most Perfectly Cut Diamond". Diamonds come in many sizes and qualities and can fit just about any budget. 

You can also consider giving her other unique gifts to go along with the jewelry: 
•    Love coupons — what about a free massage? 
•    Calendar marked with fun date ideas
•    Memories on pieces of paper in a jar to read on New Year’s
•    Personalized stationary

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The First Big Milestone: The 5th Year

The 5th anniversary is a special anniversary for couples.  The couple is no longer considered “newlyweds” or “newly married”. One of the most popular gemstones to celebrate this anniversary is the sapphire. Sapphire has long been admired for its beautiful royal blue hue.

It's a very hard stone who's history dates back to biblical times. It is thought that the tablets containing the Ten Commandments were made from sapphire. It was also thought that the earth rested on a huge piece of sapphire which in turn reflected the sun and gave the sky its bluish color.

Royalty has worn sapphire to symbolize wisdom, holiness, virtue and good fortune. Perhaps one of the most famous sapphires was the one worn by Princess Diana. Suggested sapphire gifts include rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets.

Additional Romantic Ideas:

•    A bouquet of daisies and a handwritten poem
•    Something special made of silver

The Gift of the Decade: 10 Years and Rising

At this point, you’ve probably figured out most of the secrets to marriage, but no matter how wise the years have molded your mind, shopping for gifts always leaves you lost in a mysterious abyss. Tin is the tradition for the 10th anniversary, but it has also evolved to be a diamond-giving occasion. Diamond gifts are obviously more expensive than the traditional tin or aluminum presents but nothing exemplifies durability like a diamond. Diamond earrings, pendants, rings, cufflinks or a broach are all great ideas.

To keep things colorful, consider a piece from the Rarest Rainbow collection of necklaces and earrings containing cappuccino diamonds that are set in silver and gold with a great variety of color, shapes, and weight. They will make her fall in love with jewelry, like the first time, all over again.

For the woman who expects the best and finest of things, a perfect addition to her collection is this Hearts On Fire Fulfillment Necklace featuring ten (10) of the World's Most Perfectly Cut Diamonds. 

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Reigniting Passion: The 15th Wedding Anniversary Gift List

At year 15, reignite passion with this anniversary’s customary color scheme of red – crimson, luscious red. The soiree for the 15th year should be lustful and brimful with crystals, desirable energy, rubies, and roses. Also, coincidentally, the most popular song 15 years ago was “I’ll Make Love to You,” by Boys II Men. 

For anniversary jewelry ideas, consider red gems like ruby and garnet that bring back luck and fortune.

You can also add something creative to your jewelry with:
•    A whole bouquet of red roses and a handwritten poem
•    A crystal vase for the flowers
•    Crystal wine glasses to celebrate all your happy years

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How to Be Creative: Your 20th Anniversary

After 20 years, your marriage is wonderfully mature — you and your partner fostered and raised it to grow healthy enough to stand on its own. Your bond is impenetrable like the modern gift of platinum or the valuable emerald gem.

The metal she deserves for such an important anniversary isn’t bronze, silver, or gold, but the most precious one: platinum. Check out the Fulfillment Half Moon Pendant by Hearts On Fire

To make them unbreakable, emeralds are treated with special oils before they are sold. This process coincides with the one that keeps marriage alive.

Additional romantic ideas to prove how much you love her: 

•  Lilies (the 20th anniversary flower) in her favorite color
•  Fine china to serve dinner on
•   Cherry blossoms

25th Anniversary | Silver Jubilee

The Quarter Century Accomplishment: 25 Years

Break out the bubbly! Instead of learning all the secrets to marriage, you have transitioned into relationship gurus. Not many people have made it here, so you should feel special. Dress up in silver, sparkly grey, or iridescent champagne. This is your silver celebration! Silver represents the radiance and brilliance of marriage.

Take a peek at Tacori's silver bracelet. It’s linked together in chain-formation, and it also comes in ring form (with or without diamonds). With this interchangeable collection, you can satisfy any taste.

If you want to add some romantic ideas to your efforts, consider:
•    Tossing a silver dollar into a body of water and making a wish
•    Using silver wrapping paper
•    Decorating the house in silver tinsel
•    Giving her the traditional iris flowers that symbolizes luck
•    Making her breakfast in bed and serving it on a silver platter

30th Anniversary | Pearl Strand

Friendship and Love: The 30th Threshold

Your love is distinct – it can survive anything. The gift you give for your 30th anniversary is important, so tell her you’re madly in love all over again with pearls. The pearl is the sensitive gem – a reminder that relationships require maintenance, care, and attention for the friendship and romance within your impeccable partnership. 

Pearls are unique, like your love, because they come from living organisms. Jewelry tells the story of love for us. Like a pearl, love is chosen carefully and is generated into a work of art over the years.

If you’re in the mood to give her a crafty addition, try: 
•    Giving lilies, the classic flower  
•    Baking a cake with candy pearls
•    Taking a trip to the aquarium
•    Cooking mussels, washing out and saving the shells, decorating the table and hiding a reason why you love her in each one


The Wonderful Achievement: 35 Years

The right gift speaks for you. As beautiful as the English language is, it can sometimes limit us from authentic expression. The right gift is one of the best ways to authentically show how much we love the people we do. Show you’ve done your homework by adorning your celebration in hues of coral, emerald and jade. 

Coral has been said to have supernatural powers that prevent sterility. Jade is thought to protect all organs of the body, including the heart. As a twist on the traditional emerald green color perhaps consider an "emerald cut" diamond as show on the right.

You can also try writing down and framing your favorite memory of the way you were, and the way you are now. It’ll be a sentimental way to look at how your marriage has grown. 

40th Anniversary | Ruby

The Endless Possibilities of the 40th Anniversary

When it comes to the 40th wedding anniversary, it’s not important to only show her that you love her on this fine occasion. You should also show her that you love what you have with each other. This milestone is your ruby anniversary. The ruby symbolizes the forever-burning inner flame. 

Instead of sticking to tradition, pick the color of a stone you like best on her, or that she likes best. Explore our spirited collection of luminous earrings, necklaces, and rings. The collection is inspired by the mood that’s created when colors collide. 

For added charm:
•    Give her nasturtium flowers
•    Surprise her with red balloons
•    Light cinnamon candles to represent fire
•    Drink rich red wine (bonus points if you can find a bottle from the year you got married)
•    Serve red strawberries dipped in chocolate

45th Anniversary | Sapphire

The Amazing Triumph: 45 Years

You honor your commitment, your wife, and your partnership every day. To call you honorable would be appropriate, but it’s not a good enough testament to your character. Stop for a minute. Savor the accomplishment you’ve made. Now, enjoy every minute of it without having to stress about finding the perfect anniversary gift – the sapphire does all the work for you.

Because of its ancient roots, the sapphire is the established stone for this momentous occasion. This precious gem dates back to the beginning of human civilization. Some theories suggest that the Ten Commandments were made on tablets of sapphire. This stone represents what you have achieved with your journey of marriage: wisdom and virtue.

Since you’ll only be adding to your marriage from this point on, give her something to add to her hand with Tacori's sapphire and diamond ring. Check out other Lyle Husar Designs deep blue jewelry options.

If you’re into tradition, the conventional gift for the coveted 45th anniversary is wood. Get crafty if you feel the urge to go the extra mile by doing more:
•    Give daisies (the traditional flower), which symbolize love and purity
•    Wrap presents in royal blue paper
•    Plant daisies together
•    Get a map and mark with a heart all the places you’ve shared a loving memory with her

50th Anniversary | Golden Jubilee

The Ultimate 50th Wedding Anniversary

It’s your golden anniversary. Congratulations! You’re the couple children read about in textbooks, who women imagine Prince Charming to be, and who men hope to become. Now let’s get to giving!

Gold is the symbol of power. To have been in love this long, your commitment goes beyond love — it’s secured by having the power to be loyal and dependable. 

For an elegant and universal gift, purchase Tacori's sweet soft rose gold bracelet. It clasps close and comes with a key, secure like the love you share. The collection also comes with diamond drop pendants and rings.

If she has a more eclectic taste, try the Rarest Rainbow collection, which encompasses all types of gold and mismatched diamonds.

You can’t cut corners for this anniversary. To add more and play up the golden 50th theme, try some of these tips:
•    Give her the traditional flower: a heart-shaped violet
•    Put the flowers in mason jars dipped in gold paint
•    Carve your names in a tree in your yard
•    Wrap presents in brown or gold paper
•    Throw a party

Celebrate Your Anniversary With the Perfect Gift

Love: poets try to describe it, every human on Earth lives and dies for it, wars have been fought for it, and children are made from it. Love isn’t something that can be generalized. Love is completely individualized. The love you have with your life-partner is unlike anything anyone else can experience. Only you can pick out her gift because you know her best – probably better than she knows herself. Just be confident, consider your options, and think with your heart.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for in this anniversary gift guide, check out the latest jewelry trends and share your own ideas with us here. At Lyle Husar Designs, we can help you find the gift that celebrates your anniversary each year to come.