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Many Lyle Husar Designs customers find themselves with unwanted gold or diamond jewelry. Instead of storing potentially valuable jewelry away, why not sell your nonessential pieces? At Lyle Husar Designs, we are proud to be one of America’s Most Trusted Names in Fine Diamonds & Jewelry™. When you need a reliable and ethical diamond and gold buyer in the Milwaukee region, Lyle Husar Designs can help. 

What to Know When Selling Gold and Diamonds

When you meet with Lyle Husar Designs, our buying specialist will evaluate your pieces carefully. In many cases, the gold jewelry you sell will be melted down to create new jewelry. Cultures have recycled gold jewelry in this way for thousands of years. In addition to gold jewelry, coins and other gold items can also be melted down. The most valuable gold is 24k because it’s pure. As the karat drops, so does value — although pieces made from 14k or 10k gold can still be valuable. Most pieces are made from 10k, 14k, 18k, 22k and 24k gold. Unsigned pieces may be worth more melted down, and pieces signed by a renowned designer may be worth more if they’re sold intact.

Selling gold to a trustworthy dealer such as Lyle Husar Designs should be straightforward because the daily price of gold is clear and readily available to anyone who seeks it. Selling diamonds is more subjective, because there is no “daily price” for diamonds. That’s why going to a dealer respected for honesty is essential. Our appraiser can give you an accurate picture of your diamond jewelry’s quality and worth. In many cases, separating the diamond from the metal it’s set in will result in the highest price for you. In other cases, such as if the piece is signed or has vintage quality, keeping it intact is the best choice.

Buying Diamond and Gold Jewelry Since 1968

Customers from Waukesha to Milwaukee have turned to Lyle Husar Designs for over 45 years when they need to purchase important jewelry. When it’s time to sell unwanted heirlooms or pieces that simply don’t fit your taste, you can trust Lyle Husar Designs to provide you with fair and honest pricing. Our Brookfield showroom buys diamond and gold jewelry according to the highest standards of practices and ethics. That’s why Lyle Husar Designs earned membership in the American Gem Society. We are also ranked among the top 5% of jewelers in North America!

Schedule an Appointment at Lyle Husar Designs

Lyle Husar Designs would like to speak with you when you’re ready to sell unwanted gold and diamond jewelry. Visit our Brookfield, WI showroom from 10am to 7pm on Tuesday through Friday, or from 10am to 5pm on Saturday. The showroom is closed on Sunday.

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For more information about selling your gold or diamond jewelry, call Lyle Husar Designs at 262-789-8585.

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