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If you’re considering selling heirloom jewelry, the estate jewelry services team at Lyle Husar Designs would like to speak with you. As one of America’s Most Trusted Names in Fine Diamonds & Jewelry™, Lyle Husar Designs is uniquely positioned to provide you with the outstanding customer service experience you expect — while also ensuring your sale meets the highest standards of honesty and ethics.   

What to Know About Selling Estate Jewelry

The estate jewelry services team at Lyle Husar Designs wants you to feel confident when selling your pieces. Whether you have one piece or a collection of jewelry, our team will fairly and honestly evaluate its worth. We’ll take the time to explain why we value certain pieces the way we do. In some cases, a piece may be worth more sold intact, such as signed designer jewelry or vintage jewelry of exceptional beauty and quality. In other cases, the value of the piece might be greater after separating gemstones and melting down the material.

Many heirloom jewelry owners today try to sell unwanted pieces online or through a pawn shop. There are several disadvantages with both approaches. If you try to sell it yourself but are unsure what your piece is worth, you may underprice or overprice it. If you sell it through a pawn shop or other reseller, you’ll likely get far less than what the piece is actually worth. When selling heirloom jewelry, you want to feel confident — and that’s why Lyle Husar Designs is an estate dealer you can trust.

In general, if you have jewelry of greater value, you’re better off going to a reputable dealer who has experience buying and selling fine jewelry. Not only is an experienced dealer more likely to understand the value of jewelry, but they may also be able to resell it faster. When it comes to experience and reputation, Lyle Husar Designs has earned the confidence of selective customers in the Milwaukee region for over 49 years.

A Brookfield Tradition Since 1968

When you speak with our estate jewelry service team, you’ll see why Lyle Husar Designs has been a Brookfield tradition for over 49 years. Our family-owned jewelry store features a knowledgeable and attentive staff, and a beautiful collection of pieces from the world’s leading designers. A visit to our showroom is an experience unlike any other in the Waukesha region, and that’s why we rank among the top 5% of jewelers in the nation.


Make an Appointment at Lyle Husar Designs

The estate services team at Lyle Husar Designs is ready to discuss the sale of your heirloom jewelry. Call us to schedule an appointment in our showroom, open from 10am to 7pm on Tuesday through Friday, and from 10am to 5pm on Saturday. The showroom is closed on Sunday.

We’re located 1 block west of Calhoun Road, at:

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For more information about Lyle Husar Designs and selling heirloom jewelry, call us at 262-789-8585.

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